Product catalogs and weekly ads turned true digital

Publishingo platform allows your weekly ads and catalogs transform into digital format the best possible way. It’s how every sales-oriented online publication should look like to take full advantage of web audience and online store.

A perfect centralized solution for any chain publishing its promotional weekly ads in short cycles and in many physical regions. Publishingo production team can use your existing source files to produce an interactive weekly ads accessible from any desktop or mobile device. Together with powerful analytics behind every product you know exactly how well your publications perform and how much they sell both online and offline.*

But online ads and catalogs integrated with your ecommerce solution is just the beginning and a great system to build upon. Enhanced with advanced marketing automation techniques, coupon generation and storing module Publishingo is all your business needs to take your ads and catalogs online and serve your customers with an easy to use, sustainable and engaging experience.

Key features

Modern format

A truly revolutionary method to present your catalog content. This format was designed with the easiest possible browsing experience in mind. Just scroll through the products, jump to category or search by name. Tap on a product to show details and order. It’s as easy as that.

Legacy format

We appreciate that your catalogs and ads were designed primarily for print. That’s why we developed an HTML5 flipbook mechanism to precislely resemble your printed ads and catalogs. This is a page by page browsing experience plus all the ecommerce bells and whistles.

Ecommerce integration

Publishingo works seamlessly with any existing ecommerce solution. It means that your customers can easily order products form within the catalog. The order pops up in your ecommerce back office. Neat, quick and easy.

Built for mobile, great on desktop

We understand that your audience want to use the catalogs and ads on the go as well as on the couch. That’s why we designed the experience to present itself perfectly on mobile devices. It looks fantastic on the desktop as well.

Publishingo has been serving Praktiker since 2011 and since then we’ve gathered valuable knowledge on performance digital publishing and how it helps ecommerce better its sales figures. Digital catalog and monthly ad turned out to be a huge success. Every issue is highly looked forward to by customers of Praktiker. Digital publications make significant impact on online store results.


higher ECR (ecommerce
conversion rate)


increased PVV
(Per Visit Value)


higher mailing CTR in comparison
to standard promo mailing


longer site visit


lower bounce rate


higher average cart value

For us, online monthly ad is one of the most important media. Customers appreciate the communication channel and are attached to it. Organic search results traffic associated with the magazine, represents about 60% of all traffic within domain. Therefore we have put much effort into search for an honest and reliable partner who would run this this kind of project on a daily basis. Publishingo later proved to be just the right company up for this task. When we started working together Publishingo proposed an innovative mechanism for magazine-type content presentation

for the web, allowing not only a user-friendly usage, but also traffic convertion and analytics of online and offline sales.

Publishingo presented itself as a reliable partner - I really appreciate their resourcefulnes and the fact that there is no need to guard or comply with their tasks. After years of cooperation I’m confident that any task passed to Publishingo will be performed in a timely and professional manner. 

Krzysztof Włodarczak

e-Marketing coordinator
Praktiker Polska Sp. z o.o.